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Sierra Leone's Horror
Operation Western Area Surge
US troops not need in Sierra Leone
Stop Domestic Violence
Love shouldn't hurt, right?


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Sierra Leone's Horror

What is transpiring in Sierra Leone is something that could be scripted in aHollywood horror movie. However, this documentary is non-fiction.  Today CBS news reports that Sierra Leone's leading Ebola physician, Dr. Victor Willoughby, has died. This announcement is just surreal. It appears that every Ebola "Czar", in Sierra Leone, has contracted the Ebola virus disease (EVD) and has perished.  Dr. Willoughby was treating a VIP for organ failure.   It is being reported that the VIP's Ebola status was unknown at the time Dr.

Operation Western Area Surge

     Sierra Leone's answer to the increase of new Ebola patient is now known as "Operation Western Area Surge" according to a report by Reuters.  This operation, mandated by President Ernest Bai Koroma, is15-day exercisethatprohibitstravel between all parts of Sierra Leone and restricts the gathering of large groups of people. Therefore, there will not be anyNew Year's Evecelebrations after 5:00pm announced by Koroma. Yahoo news reports that not all were happy with the ban of New Year's Eve's gathering.

US troops not need in Sierra Leone

    Reuters reports that Donal Brown, Commander of British Ebola taskforce in Sierra Leone, said he expected a breakthrough in controlling the Ebola epidemic within four to six weeks." He further stated: "The pieces are in place to fight the disease, which weren't here a month ago. So I think you will see enormous change in the next few weeks."  The Guardian also reports Mr Brown comments "I am quietly confident that within the next two months we will get on top of this disease.

Stop Domestic Violence

Finishing our week of making people cognizant to the signs of domestic abuse. It is estimated that one in three woman have been abused, worldwide. The "cycle of violence: was coined, developed and published by Lenore in the book: The Battered Woman. New York: Harper and Row, 1979. Since then, many renditions of this diagram have been composed.
*The abuse will "never end" by just being silence and hoping he will stop. A considerable number of psychiatrists and psychologists recommend getting away from the abusive force immediately.

Love shouldn't hurt, right?


     Most believe that when countries, organizations or volunteers work  together, towards a common cause, the task that once resembled an unscalable mountain, now appears climbable. The International Violence against Women Act was one such cause. Nonprofit organizations: Amnesty International´╗┐, Women Thrive Internal  and The Future Without Violence came together to help establish the International Violence Against Women Act. 
     This act is also as known as (I-VAWA) (S.

Clinical trial in Monrovia, Liberia

Clinical Research Management, Inc. (ClinicalRM), with a generous grant from the Melinda Gates and Bill Gates Humanitarian Foundation, has transfused Ebola laden antibodies, in plasma into a patient with EVD. This clinical study is taking place at Monrovia's ELWA Hospital.  The hope is for the transfused plasma to eradicate the Ebola virus.

Melinda and Bill Gates helping children in Africa. 

"More dead bodies, than living patients"

     Stories of the 
"Ebola fighters" are all over the internet. Today the Business Recorder introduced the world to a 58-year-old married physician, with five children, that left her safe home in Uganda to help the people of Liberia.  Dr. Anne Atai Omoruto has had previous experience treating patients with Ebola in her native country. Thus, her knowledge was invaluable. Dr. Omoruto stated that when she first arrived in Monrovia the city appeared out of a scene of a "horror film".

Universal Healthcare Day December 12, 2014

Universal Healthcare Day
Everyone having access to healthcare is a premise that everyone can agree on.  It is up to the World(you and me) to make it happen. Included is a list of events for this themed day.

Abuja, Nigeria: Press conference with the Ministry of Health, plus televised panel discussion and community events 
Accra, Ghana: Marches in several cities and a public radio feature on UHC
Acturus, Zimbabwe: Event featuring policymakers, local media and representatives from the arts
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Live call-in talk show to promote UHC Day on a national radio show


TIME Magazine's People of the Year: 
The Ebola Healthcare Workers! We are thrilled with this year's selection. So many people have traveled to West Africa in an unselfish commitment to rid our planet of the Ebola Virus Disease. This award should also include all of the indigenous workers that treated patients and witnessed their family members and friends perish.According to Time's Editor in Chief, Nancy Gibbs, the TIME magazine's cover will feature 5 Ebola fighters including:

Highlights of the E-Plague

Highlights of the EVD or E-Plague(CDC, BBC, WHO, AP News)

 1. Starting in December 13, 2013, there were multiple deaths from an unknown cause that did not appear to mimic the other deaths.  
2. Initially, health workers were unaware of the Ebola pathogen while they attended to their patients. These healthcare workers would later become infected and transmitted the disease to others. 
3. In a country where deaths from endemic diseases are frequent, death can desensitize the public. The Gueckedou province was so accustomed to people dying from endemic diseases that the "alarm" just still did not sound off.

The First family of the Ebola Outbreak

The father of the first known Ebola causakities viewing photos of his deceased son, daugther, and pregnant wife.

In a very in-depth investigation on the origin of the current Ebola plague, BBC Africa reports that the Ebola outbreak began in the remote Guinean village of Meliandou.  A two-year boy named Emile became febrile with diarrhea. He would later die, followed by Philomene his sister and their mother Sia.  Sia was also pregnant.  Their demise would be followed by an additional 6000 deaths and over 15,000 people currently infected with Ebola according to the CDC.

Ebola quarantines, are they really necessary?

Ebola quarantines, are they really necessary? 
This question has scientists, physicians; epidemiologists and politicians pondering. Facts first: Ebola has an incubation period between 2-21days. The CDC states that you cannot " catch" EVD from an asymptomatic person. The most common presenting symptom is fever. These revelations have led to airport officials measuring the temperature of individuals arriving from Ebola ravaged countries and sympathy for states implementing mandatory 21-day quarantines for anyone that has been in contact with Ebola infected patients.

10th physician dies from Ebola

Sierra Leone has lost yet another doctor to the Ebola Virus Disease(EVD). The SF Gate reports that Dr. Aiah Solomon Konoyeima has died. He was known as Sierra Leone's expert on Ebola. While details of how he contracted the disease is uncertain, he worked primarily at a Children's Hospital in Freetown. He was treated and later died at the "understaffed" Hastings Ebola Treatment center. His death marks the tenth physician to have succumbed to the EVD. As previously reported:" every native Sierra Leone physician that has been infected with Ebola has died." The Africa Health, Human & Social Development Information Center reports that Sierra Leone has approximately 135 physicians to treat a population of six million.

Ebola Relief-West Africa

As our medical team prepares to travel to West Africa, the stories of loved ones lost to the Ebola virus also known as the E-Plague further illuminates our organization to this tragedy. The rendition of Ebola-related events from Sierra Leone's Mr. Bangura and Liberia's Rev Dave Brown have touched the hearts of our volunteers and Facebook readers. We salute them and International community for helping the people of West Africa. However, there are still more people to treat and bodies to be buried.

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day-December 1, 2014

In 1981, the world awoke to a new epidemic.  New cases of Kaposi Sarcoma(cancer) and Pneumocystis pneumonia(PCP) that were typically diagnosed in the elderly and immunocompromised had been reported in young men. 

Since the discovery of HIV, new medications and therapies have been developed. These treatments have been able to prolong the lives of individuals with HIV. However, a cure has yet to be discovered.