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Volunteers provide info on TB
World Water Day 2015
Decreasing number of doctors in Guinea
New case of Ebola
16 Americans evacuated amidst Ebola Fear


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Volunteers provide info on TB

World Tuberculosis Day
Volunteers from all over the world are making their communities aware of Tuberculosis(TB). Discovered in 1882, TB has risen to become one of the World's deadliest diseases. Although the numbers of people acquiring TB are declining, the World Health Organization(WHO) estimates that nine million people became ill with TB, and 1.5 million people died in 2013. Often termed the great imitator, the symptoms of TB include night sweats, chills, fever, cough and weight loss. The disease is pass through the air from person to person and it's onset can be insidious.

World Water Day 2015

This year's theme for World Water Day is 'Water and Sustainable Development'. The history of this celebrated day began in 1993 when the United Nations General Assembly designated 22 March as the first World Water Day. Each year since, World Water Day shines a spotlight on a different issue pertaining to water. 

According to the UN748 million people,do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. Another2.1 billiondo not have access to "adequate sanitation". TheWatereuse Association Desalination Committee

Decreasing number of doctors in Guinea

In a country that had begun 2014 with a shortage of healthcare professionals, the Ebola epidemic has greatly depleted the number of doctors in Guinea. In fact, the epidemic was so devastating that an unprecedented number of volunteers became infected and died. For the past three weeks, Guinea has witnessed a surge in new Ebola cases. Within this increase adds the deaths of three additional physicians according to Reuters. "The outbreak that began in Eastern Guinea more than a year ago has killed over 10,000 people in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.

New case of Ebola

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced earlier this month that no new case of Ebola had been registered in Liberia since February 19, 2015. According to a report from Asia One News, the streak of "no new cases" of the deadly virus has ended. A woman in Liberia has tested positive for Ebola. It is not clear as to how long the woman has been infected or where she acquired the infection. However, the AFP reports that an unnamed source stated the woman's husband was a "cured" Ebola patient.

16 Americans evacuated amidst Ebola Fear

The total number of American healthcare workers flown back to United States has reach 16 according to Fox News. Many news outlets believe that the fight against Ebola is far from over. The nidus for the new wave of "potential exposures" comes from an unnamed worker in Sierra Leone. The unnamed worker tested positive for Ebola and is currently being treated at the National Institutes Of Health located in Bethesda Maryland. It should be noted that the other 15 Americans, which has contact with the unnamed America, have not tested positive according to the CDC.

10 Americans Exposed to Ebola

The Inquisitr reports that a total of10 Americanshave been evacuated from Sierra Leone amidst fears that they may have been exposed to the often fatal Ebola virus. All of the volunteers have been working with the same nonprofit organization. This is the largest evacuation of Americans ever from an Ebola affected area!  From what has been learned, one patient is being treated at NIH, another is at Emory University, and four are at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. The whereabout of the other four Americans are thought to be at one of the US 

It is not over! Ebola lives!

Many had believed that the fight against Ebola was over, when in fact it has just begun. In a report by the US Presidential Commission, "the Ebola epidemic has had the long-term effect of taxing already fragile systems in West Africa.  Catastrophic health, social, and economic effects are emerging, including food insecurity, unemployment, orphaned children, disruptions to education, and diversion of resources from other pressing health needs, such as malaria."  
These latest events should serve as a reminder to everyone that the war on Ebola still rages on!

One American Home, and a Second American enroute

 Reuters has announced that another American may have been exposed to the Ebola virus. According to the CDC, this American may have had "contact" with the Ebola positive unnamed American. The American had also been volunteering in Sierra Leone.  News outlets are reporting that this American will be flown to Atlanta, home of the prestigious Emory University.
 The Huffington Post​ reports "none of the volunteers in Sierra Leone who had contact with the NIH patient have tested positive for Ebola.

News Flash: A New Case of Ebola is headed to the USA

  The National Institutes of Health(NIH) reports that an American healthcare provider has tested positive for Ebola. The unnamed worker had been treating Ebola stricken patients in Sierra Leone. The American will be isolated and transported to Bethesda, Maryland via a specially equipped airplane. NIH further states that the patient will be "housed" in their Special Clinical Studies Unit(SCSU). The SCSU is one of the premier isolation and treatment areas in the world. The unit was also responsible for resurrecting Dallas' Nurse Pham.

The Human Race

                    One race of people,the Human Race. 

With advancements in technology and the social media frenzy, society is seemingly advancing towards synchronicity.  The walls of "differences" are leaking water, and the dike of indifferences will burst.  Will a brave new world, devoid ofHuxley'scaste system, emerge with an emphasis on equality?In addition, with this metamorphosis, will a tolerance for all and the realization that everyone can contribute something to make our planet a better place for all of mankind?

International Women's Day-March 8, 2015

"Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity: Picture it!" 
is the UN theme for International Women's Day 2015. The history leading to the current recognition of International Women's Day is both interesting and complex. The inception of "Women's Day" dates back to 1909.  The initial concept commemorated the 1908 strike of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Labor Union in New York.  In 1977, the United Nations General Assembly invited member states to proclaim March 8 as the United Nation's Day for women's rights and world peace. Today, much of the world celebrates this day to recognize the accomplishments, struggles, and future of women worldwide.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Volunteer Tip of the Day: 

As many individuals seek volunteer opportunities outside of their normal realm, they may also encounter environments that are devoid of safety monitoring equipment such as carbon monoxide monitors.  
According to the CDC, each year in the USA there are approximately 20,000 emergency room visits, 4000 hospitalizations, and more than 400 deaths from unintentional carbon monoxide(CO) poisoning not linked to fires. These facts make carbon monoxide poisoning the number one cause of accidental poisoning deaths in the USA.

Medical Missions

The process of developing a viable medical mission varies with the needs of the area, volunteer recruitment, and economic sustainability. Below we provide a synopsis on various opportunities we are pursuing. 

Kenya: Located in central Kenya. Kitale District Hospital is the primary hospital in the area.  The hospital sees approximately 800 patients per day. In 2014, we were invited to Kitale by Mr. Barasa. The orphanages he presides over are full of children in dire need of medical and dental care.

Keeping the planet, ours!

Through various organizations' adoption of "sustainable earth programs(SEP)" within their manifest, volunteers have joined together in an effort to help manage earth's resources.  Example agendas of SEP would include practices such as; promoting things such as Bike lanes and Subway docks ( see increase mobility, exercise, decreased morbidity).  In addition recycling, carpooling, limiting unnecessary paper use, conservation of fossil fuels, the development of new technologies for the purpose of decreasing man's reliance on nonrenewal energy,  "green scene" and promoting clean water initiatives to all fall within SEP parameters.

The war on Ebola rages on

Patrice Gordon, NP bottle feeding a young patient in West Africa
Both the new cases of Ebola and deaths from Ebola Virus Disease have decreased remarkable since the international community placed a higher priority on the situation in West Africa. However, while the battle against Ebola may have been victorious, the war on Ebola has yet to be won.
Patrice Gordon, NP bottle feeding a young patient in West Africa

History has shown us time and time again that consequences of not permanently eradicating a known threat to be profound. This week the British Medical Journal released a study performed by the United Nation's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.