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October 2014

New York Physician with Ebola

Have we waited too late in preventing Ebola from spreading throughout the world? This is the question that many are asking on Facebook. With reports of US Ebola infections, now confirmed in Texas and New York, some Americans believe that this is just the beginning. In New York, NBC news reports that a physician has tested positive for Ebola. Apparently the doctor had come from West Africa, after working with the Nobel " Doctors without Borders", through one of the "screening for Ebola airports". Mary Bassett, New York City's Health Commissioner, said the doctor arrived at John F. Kennedy Airport on October 17." At that time "he exhibited no symptoms until Thursday morning". The doctor had previously visited a bowling alley, now closed and rode the subway.   The doctor felt ill and went to New York's Bellevue hospital where he was diagnosed with Ebola. CNN reports that the physician had "intimate" contact with only a few individuals. These individuals are reportedly in isolation. Their whereabouts are unknown. Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, states "There is no reason for New Yorkers to be alarmed." "We've been preparing for months for the threat of Ebola with clear and strong protocols that were scrupulously followed in this instance."

Schools in Ohio and Texas close amongst Ebola fear

The realization of a person, now diagnosed with Ebola, flying to their city, and freely moving about has Cleveland's residents concerned. TheUSATODAYreports that certain schools in Cleveland and Texas have been closed until the threat of Ebola has cleared.Fox News 8reports that the patient flew from Dallas, to Cleveland, to plan for her wedding. Apparently she had been in contact with the deceased Texas patient; Mr. Duncan at Texas Presbyterian Hospital.   However, she was unaware that she had contracted Ebola.

Spina Bifida-1500 births/years in the USA

Spina Bifida is a neural tube defect that can often be repaired before birth in modern hospitals. However, when undiagnosed or untreated, the pediatric surgeon has a formidable task in repairing the defect.  In the US, the CDC reports that this birth defect occurs in approximately 1500 births/year.While in Kenya, a mother brought her child to us. Our Director, Rebecca, held the child while we performed a detailed examination.

Blood Plasma Donation

Blood Plasma is the component of blood that suspension its constituents. Plasma is derived via centrifuge from whole blood. Plasma contains, amongst other elements, proteins known as immunoglobins or antibodies. These antibodies protect the body from infection. When someone encounters an infection, the body produces these antibodies to fight the infection. Thus, if the infectious antigens ever returns the body is better prepared for the invasion. This is the basic principle behind "plasma sharing". Plasma sharing involves extracting blood from a "survivor", retrieving the plasma via centrifuge and transfusing the plasma into an infected patient. Samaritan's Purse reports that Kent Brantly, MD, traveled to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and donated his blood plasma to Miss Pham, the 26-year-old nurse.  Dr Brantly had previously donated his blood to Dr. Rick Sacra, MD, and NBC cameraman Ashoka Mukpo. 

UC-Davis Conference

The Pre-Health Conference at Davis was fantastic! There were thousands of people attending this event. Parents, relatives, and friends were able to get around the large campus via the mobile transportation system setup for the conference. Both handicap and elder adults were able to move with ease. So many students received information on our 2015 missions. We anticipate another great year with our new found volunteers from the 2014 UC-Davis PreHealth Conference. It was a First Class Performance by the UC-Davis Staff. Special thanks to Miss Shah, Miss Barga, and the assistants that were assigned to our group. WHAT A TEAM!

Wanting to return to Kitale, Kenya

Upon arrival in Kitale, Kenya this summer, we weren't sure of what we should expect. Our initial mission was to help establish a medical clinic within the metropolitan area of Kitale. This facility could potentially decrease the number of patients seen, each day, at Kitale District Hospital (KDH)   As we toured the hospital we found other areas that required immediate attention. Thus, we are partnering with KDH to garner support for a new pediatric unit. The present unit is severely undersized with a high probability of cross contamination.