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November 2014

Ebola vaccine? Not so fast.

From the CDC website:"There arenoFDA-approved vaccines or therapeutics available for prevention, post-exposure, or treatment for Ebola virus infection(EVD). Clinical management of EVD should focus on supportive care of complications, such as hypovolemia, electrolyte abnormalities, hematologic abnormalities, refractory shock, hypoxia, hemorrhage, septic shock, multi-organ failure, and disseminated intravascular coagulopathy."

Thegood newsis that clinical trials are underway for experimental vaccines against the Ebola virus.

Sierra Leone requests US Troops

Sierra Leone's President Ernest Bai Koroma has announced his desire for the United States to send troops into his country to help contain and eradicate the Ebola epidemic. As previously reported, President Obama had sent 3,000 troops into Liberia to combat the E-plague. Reuters reports that Liberia and Guinea has witnessed a decrease in mortality and new infections. Great Britain has sent personnel to erect treatment facilities in Sierra Leone. In addition to people, Britain has established a 100-bed naval hospital. President Koroma said it might be necessary to call another three-day lockdown to remove the sick from communities and transfer them to newly built treatment centers.

Italy's 1st Ebola patient

Ebola Update: Robert Carter reports that an Italian physician has contracted the Ebola virus. This is the first Italian citizen infected with Ebola. The unnamed doctor while working with an NGO was treating Ebola infected patients in Sierra Leone.  Reportedly, the physician exhibited symptoms (nausea and vomiting) consistent with the onset of hemorrhagic fever. The physician later tested positive and was diagnosed with Ebola. 

The physician was subsequently transported to Rome via  a "specialized" Italian Air Force KC 767.

Atlanta, Georgia

BEST Academy High School: Atlanta, Georgia

Volunteers4Humanity made its Georgia debut. Meeting potential volunteers, students, elected officials, and businessmen, today was indeed a busy day. One educational institution that captivated our organization was in the zip code 30318. 

In 2007, the Atlanta School Board decided to implement a           new way of educating these students. Based on the research by Michael Gurian, author of "The Minds of Boys,"
Best Academy High School

Ebola free Congo

Ebola Update:In a separate outbreak of the Ebola virus in the former republic of Zaire, now know as the Democratic Republic of the Congo(DRC), the World Health Organization reports that the country is now free of Ebola. According to the Government of the DRC, the outbreak was contained to the northwestern Equateur province. During the three-month outbreak, Congolese authorities said there were 49 deaths out of 66 people infected with Ebola.

According to the United Nations health agency, "The criteria for an area to be declared "pathogen free" is having two maximum incubation periods of 21 days.

Seventh Physician dies from Ebola

News from the Associated Press: Today another physician has died from contracting the Ebola virus. "Dr. Moses Kargbo is now the seventh doctor to have died. Dr. Kargbo was an outstanding physician that dedicated his life and medical practice to helping others. Upon retirement, he worked at the Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone.  When the Ebola-epidemic (E-plague) arrived in his country, he immediately volunteered his medical services to treat his countrymen. He had been volunteering at a government-run hospital located in the central Tonkolili District. Upon contracting Ebola, presumably from one of the patients he was treating, he was taken to the Hastings Ebola Treatment Center from treatment.  He later died there. So far, every Sierra Leone physician that has contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone has died.

The Medical Price of Urbanization in Nepal

In certain populations in the United States, some noncommunicable disease such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity can be attributable to nutrition. In an article published by One World they wrote on the rapid changes in Nepal and the medical consequences that present. "Rapid urbanization and the extension of the road network in some parts of Nepal are bringing chronic, non-communicable diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease to formerly isolated rural communities, health experts say.

International Tolerance Day-November 16, 2014

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO's Member States adopted a Declaration of Principles on Tolerance.  Among other things, the Declaration affirms that is neither indulgence nor indifference. It is respect and appreciation of the rich variety of our world's cultures, our forms of expression and ways of being human. Tolerance recognizes the universal human rights and fundamental freedoms of others. People are naturally diverse; only tolerance can ensure the survival of mixed communities in every region of the globe.

New Ebola Patient in Nebraska

The NY Times reports that Sierra Leone surgeon, Dr. Martin Salia, was placed into a transportation cubical specifically designed to contain patients exposed to infectious pathogens and flown to Nebraska. Martin is currently being treated at the same facility where two other Americans had been successfully treated. However numerous news sources believe that the doctor is far too critically ill to be saved. His Ebola presentation was somewhat atypical. Martin had treated several Ebola infected patients at various facilities in Sierra Leone.

CDC Pet Guidelines(EBOLA)

The CDC has announced that as of today, there have been no reports of dogs or cats becoming sick from Ebola or of being able to spread Ebola to people or animals including areas in Africa where Ebola is present. The CDC also cited studies where antibodies to Ebola have been detected in some dogs located in Ebola affected areas, however there has never been a case where the Ebola virus was detected in a dog.
*Highlighting Guidance for Public Health Officials on Pets of Ebola Virus Disease Contacts: