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December 2014

Ebola Patient Enroute to Royal Hospital

As Leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the 48 year oldDavid William Donald Cameronmanhas been informed of the current situation surrounding the acquired Ebola infection by a UK volunteer in Sierra Leone. Reuters reports that both countries(Scotland-Britain) are working together to ensure the safe transfer and the prompt initiation of an Ebola treatment protocol. Therapy will most likely commence at the highly rated Royal Hospital upon arrival sources state.  No decision has been made public pertaining to the Ebola treatment regiment being considered to the worker.

Scotland's 1st Ebola Patient

The Los Angeles Times/Reuters are reporting that Scotland has its  first diagnosed case of Ebola!  A healthcare worker for the NGO,  Save the Children, had returned from Sierra Leone after providing care to patients infected with Ebola. The Scottish Government reports that the patient had arrived in Glasgow having flown a British Airways flight via Casablanca in Morocco and London's Heathrow. Further stating "all possible contacts with the patient are now being investigated, and anyone deemed to be at risk will be contacted and closely monitored.

Merry Christmas to the WORLD!

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Mariah Carey- All I want for Christmas is you Live 1996 Tokyo Dome
Mariah Carey- All I want for Christmas is you Live 1996 Tokyo Dome Daydream Tour

Can a heart medication treat Ebola Virus Disease?

The fallout from the use of a heart medication on patients with EVD continues. At the Lakka Ebola Clinic in Sierra Leone, patients suffering from EVD were given high doses of cardiac drug known as Amiodarone. The IBT times report that such large amounts caused several medical complications. 

The UK group that notified the authorities states “We were made aware of the experimental use of amiodarone very early on. Our immediate concerns were surrounding the use of amiodarone on this vulnerable and difficult group of patients with complex physiology and the concern that the toxic side-effects of amiodarone could in fact be contributing to increased morbidity within the ETC (Ebola Treatment Center).


Extremely disturbing news is being reported by England's The Guardian News Paper. The Guardian reports that the entire United Kingdom Ebola Medical Team, composed of 14 healthcare professionals, has "walked out" of an Freetown Ebola treatment center over the voiced concern of the alleged unethical practice of medicine. 
The 22 bed Ebola treatment center has been managed by an NGO known as Emergency. It has been alleged that Emergency, established by some of Italy's finest cardiac surgeons, is providing patients with Ebola Virus Disease(EVD) an untested "experimental medication".

Speed Kills

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1989: ND vs. Michigan - Rocket's kick returns

   In 1989, #2Michigan played #1Notre Game in an exciting college football game.  The euphemism, "speed kills" was used to describe Rocket Ishmail "stellar performance". His two run backs for touchdowns lead to the defeat of Michigan.

Sierra Leone's Horror

What is transpiring in Sierra Leone is something that could be scripted in aHollywood horror movie. However, this documentary is non-fiction.  Today CBS news reports that Sierra Leone's leading Ebola physician, Dr. Victor Willoughby, has died. This announcement is just surreal. It appears that every Ebola "Czar", in Sierra Leone, has contracted the Ebola virus disease (EVD) and has perished.  Dr. Willoughby was treating a VIP for organ failure.   It is being reported that the VIP's Ebola status was unknown at the time Dr.

Operation Western Area Surge

     Sierra Leone's answer to the increase of new Ebola patient is now known as "Operation Western Area Surge" according to a report by Reuters.  This operation, mandated by President Ernest Bai Koroma, is15-day exercisethatprohibitstravel between all parts of Sierra Leone and restricts the gathering of large groups of people. Therefore, there will not be anyNew Year's Evecelebrations after 5:00pm announced by Koroma. Yahoo news reports that not all were happy with the ban of New Year's Eve's gathering.

US troops not need in Sierra Leone

    Reuters reports that Donal Brown, Commander of British Ebola taskforce in Sierra Leone, said he expected a breakthrough in controlling the Ebola epidemic within four to six weeks." He further stated: "The pieces are in place to fight the disease, which weren't here a month ago. So I think you will see enormous change in the next few weeks."  The Guardian also reports Mr Brown comments "I am quietly confident that within the next two months we will get on top of this disease.

Stop Domestic Violence

Finishing our week of making people cognizant to the signs of domestic abuse. It is estimated that one in three woman have been abused, worldwide. The "cycle of violence: was coined, developed and published by Lenore in the book: The Battered Woman. New York: Harper and Row, 1979. Since then, many renditions of this diagram have been composed.
*The abuse will "never end" by just being silence and hoping he will stop. A considerable number of psychiatrists and psychologists recommend getting away from the abusive force immediately.