Cold or Flu?
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Cold or Flu?

Currently, NIAID Influenza Clinical Research Studies, there is a need several student volunteers to test several vaccinations. If interested, by volunteering to participate in a clinical study, you too can be inoculated and join the fight against influenza (flu). There is no charge for study-related medical care, including study visits, medications, treatments, and procedures. Volunteers may be compensated for time and travel. Contact the NIH for details!
The following are selected studies being conducted at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. 

Combination Therapy Study (NCT01227967)
This study is enrolling people 18 years of age and older who are sick with influenza, and have medical conditions or other risk factors that increase their risk of getting severe flu. The purpose of this study is to evaluate if combination therapy will help symptoms resolve faster and with fewer complications.

H1N1 Plasma Therapy Study (NCT01052480)
This study is enrolling people of any age who have been hospitalized with influenza A and are at risk for severe disease. The purpose of this study is to assess the safety, effectiveness, and lab results of H1N1 plasma in people with influenza A.

Influenza in People With Normal or Weakened Immune Systems (NCT00533182)
This study is enrolling people 3 years of age and older who were clinically diagnosed with the flu within the past 2 months and are able to safely undergo blood draws and nasal washes. The purpose of this study is to evaluate how the immune system responds to influenza infection and compare how the infection differs in patients with a weakened immune system versus those with a healthy immune system.

Viral Infections in Non-immunocompromised Patients (NCT01011712)
This study is enrolling people of any age who are thought to have normal immune systems, but who have been diagnosed with a viral infection that is unusually severe, prolonged, or persistent. This study will evaluate the participants’ immune systems to determine why the infection developed.

Screening Volunteers for Influenza Challenge Studies (NCT01386424)
This study is screening healthy volunteers ages 18 to 50 for potential participation in future influenza challenge studies that will help researchers find better ways to prevent and treat the flu.

Intranasal AD4-H5-VTN as an Adenovirus Vaccine (NCT01806909)
This study is enrolling healthy volunteers to study the immune response of the AD4-H5-VTN vaccine and to see if the adenovirus in the vaccine is contagious or spreads to others.

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