Ebola Must Go!
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Ebola Must Go!

With  Ebola's resurgence in Liberia, and its continued occupation of Sierra Leone and Guinea, the world's best and brightest from organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control(CDC), the World Health Organization(WHO) and the Liberian Minister of Health are discussing techniques to quell the epidemic.

According to the News report by ALPHONSO TOWEH AND JAMES HARDING GIAHYUE Liberian Deputy Minister of Health, Tolbert Nyenswah stated that the of new cases of Ebola three have an association.  While none of the three people had traveled to Sierra Leone or Guinea, "Dr. Moses Massaquoi, a case management team leader for Liberia's Ebola task force, said that the three have a history of recently eating killed meat." This act may explain the recent return of Ebola to Liberia.  "Mr. Nyenswah said the second and third new Ebola patients, and six other possible cases, were in isolation in a government-run Ebola treatment center that was previously operated by Doctors Without Borders, an international medical charity."

Dr. Tom Frieden is the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention located in Atlanta, Georgia. He has stated on many news broadcasts that the CDC was assisting the Liberian government to help eradicate and prevent the further dissemination of the Ebola virus. On the CDC webpage, they divide their strategic approach into includes two parts.     
I. The first is to help at-risk countries strengthen their ability to rapidly detect  cases of Ebola when/if they occur within their borders.  Currently, the CDC reports the only countries able to conduct testing for Ebola includes: Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Senegal, and Cameroon. Lacking the capability to diagnose an Ebola infection in its country of origin is worrisome.  The CDC is currently searching ways to cure these discrepancies. 

II. The second is to enhance abilities to contain the disease quickly once/if it is detected. The CDC believes that this can be accomplished by strengthening incident management systems. These systems are inclusive of equipped emergency operations centers and a plan to quickly, identify, trace, contact anyone associated with the incident. The CDC’s “Ready Teams,” such as Preparedness Training, and Field Epidemiology Training Programs (FETP) are means to support countries with a rapid response if a potential case Ebola emerges.

On April 15, 2015, The President of the United States met with President's Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone and Alpha Condé of Guinea to discuss Ebola in West Africa. 
The Presidents' highlights include these matters: 
-Stay vigilant, don't become displacement
-The international community has to remind engaged in continuing or partnering with  Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea until there are no cases of Ebola.
-The President also believes that their healthcare systems have to be rebuilt to meet daily needs — including providing vaccines for measles, delivering babies safely, treating H.I.V./AIDS and malaria.
On July 13-15, 2015, the WHO, Headquarters and the WHO Regional Office for Africa will jointly convene a major High-Level Partners Meeting titled "Building Health Security Beyond Ebola".  Their goal is to bring together individuals and organizations,  which have been involved with Ebola preparedness. Also to establishing a common framework of action needed to support, coordinate and intensify the strategic development and maintenance of health security preparedness as per the WHO website
The Specific objectives for the conference include:
*To review the status of the current Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Preparedness Strengthening efforts, IHR Capacity building and Health systems strengthening in Africa including lessons learned.
*To identify, discuss and reach consensus on critical concepts,  relationships, contributions, expectations and processes needed to move forward in strengthening health security preparedness capacities at the country level.
*To endorse a strategic call for collaborative action in building capacities and systems for preparedness and response.
*To obtain specific commitments (technical and financial) and identify major roles of partners, donors, and relevant stakeholders.

Many believe that is too early to predict the end of Ebola's reign, while some others are adapting to the idea of having Ebola as their cancerous neighbor.

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