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December 2015

Hypercoagulable States 12/30/15

                                Causes of Hypercoagulable States
A hypercoagulable state is created when a "cause" increases the viscosity of the blood. The increased viscosity promotes the formation of blood clots throughout the body. Depending on the cause, the anatomical location of the blood clot and its size will determine the effect the blood clot has on the human body. There are many causes of hypercoagulable states and on Wednesday, December 30, 2015, from 8-9am PST Dr.

Ebola Free?

The World Health Organization has once again declared a country to be free of Ebola. In this case, Guinea, hasn't seen any new infections for 42 days.  This is the criteria declared by WHO that amounts to the time of two incubation cycles for the disease, reports the Huffington Post.  In Guinea, the Ebola Virus disease had killed more than 100 healthcare volunteers.

Christmas Miracle in Turkey


On Christmas Day, on his way to prayer, the President of Turkey motorcade spotted a distraught pedestrian contemplating committing suicide.  Apparently the man had been extremely depressed. They stopped and eventually talked the man into coming down from Bosphorus-Bridge.  The man was taken to the President's car and have a brief conversation with the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.  After speaking with the President, his mood appeared uplifted.  

"NORAD Tracks Santa"

In less than 12 hours, Santa will begin his annual journey around the globe delivering toys to those boys and girls that have been good.  If you are somewhat curious on how Santa accomplish this task, look no further than to"NORAD Tracks Santa"
"NORAD Tracks Santa"is an annual Christmas-themed entertainment program, which has existed since 1955. 
So each year, beginning on Christmas Eve,"NORAD Tracks Santa"purports to track Santa Claus as he leaves the North Pole and delivers presents to children around the world

Muslims freely volunteer to save Christians

Mandera, Kenya: In a developing story it appears that Muslim Kenyans thwarted an attempt to harm their Christian brothers.  The BBC reports that a militant organization shot at a bus forcing it to stop in Mandera, Kenya. The bus was boarded and searched for Christians.  Reuters reports add a  Muslim passenger’s account of the chaos: “We even gave some non-Muslims ourreligious attire to wear in the bus so that they would not be identifiedeasily. We stuck together tightly."

Amnesia-Online on 12/24 at 8am PST

Amnesia, or memory loss, is a phenomenon that has perplexed and fascinated countless that have encountered individuals affected by this disorder. There are many subsets of amnesia along with a multitude of causes. 

On this Wednesday, December 23, 2016, from 8-9am PST 
Dr. Gude will present a case presentation on Dissociative and Transient Amnesia.

International Times for this ONLINE Conference
San Francisco- at 8:00AM PST 
New York- at 11:00 AM EST 
Port-au-Prince (Haiti)- at 11:00AM 

Polycythemia Vera

Polycythemia (Poly=many, cythemia=condition involving cells in the blood). Polycythemia Vera is a unique condition that cause a person's bone marrow to increase the production of blood cells, particularly red blood cells. The increase production of blood cells makes the blood more viscous, which can lead to strokes or organ damage.

On this Wednesday, December 16, 2016, from 8-9am PST Dr. Gude will provide a case presentation on this topic.

International Times for this ONLINE Conference
San Francisco- at 8:00AM PST

Volunteer for the Holiday Season!

This holiday season besides being thankful for the what you have, think about volunteering. From serving meals to the homeless, to Christmas carol singing, to donating your unwanted items, there's a Xmas volunteer opportunity out there for you! 

Season's greetings from Volunteers4Humanity

Volunteers overcoming cremation stigma in Liberia

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the latest and most devastating Ebola epidemic produced 11,299 causalities worldwide.  Originally believed to be "containable" to West Africa, the Ebola plague would ultimately spread to countries outside of the African "infected zone" taking lives in the United States, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom.  

At the height of the epidemic, we witnessed many International organizations withdrawing their staff members from these "hot zones.

Most Successful Holiday Song Ever!